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Benefits of Active Charcoal for Health and Beauty

Since long ago, activated charcoal is believed to be able to overcome the symptoms of poisoning. In fact, activated charcoal is also often used as a drug to overcome various health and beauty complaints. Activated charcoal or activated charcoal is charcoal made from natural ingredients, such as bone charcoal, coconut shells, olive seeds, and sawdust. Activated charcoal is different from ordinary charcoal because it has been heated in very high temperatures, so it has a variety of benefits for health and beauty. Various Benefits of Active Charcoal The various benefits of activated charcoal for health and beauty are: 1. Overcoming poisoning As explained earlier, activated charcoal has long been used as an antidote. This is because these dark black substances can bind poisons and prevent the absorption of poisons into the body. Although often used as an antidote, active charcoal cannot overcome all types of poisoning. Types of poisoning that cannot be treated with activated charc
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Benefits of Snail Mucus for Skin Health and Beauty

Skin care products containing snail mucus have recently become very popular and are loved by some people. This is because snail mucus is believed to have various benefits for skin health and beauty. The content of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid found in snail mucus is claimed to provide various benefits for skin health and beauty, such as maintaining moisturizing skin and preventing the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Various benefits of snail mucus Snail slime is believed to bring a variety of benefits for beauty, including: 1. Moisturize the skin The content of hyaluronic acid in snail mucus is claimed to be able to moisturize the skin well. Research shows that hyaluronic acid is effective in binding or locking water on the surface of the skin, so the skin feels more moist. 2. Maintain skin elasticity Snail mucus is also believed to contain high levels of antioxidants that can increase collagen production in the skin. Well, if the skin's collagen production is goo

Instant Baby Porridge or Homemade Baby Porridge, Which Is Better

Currently available commercial instant baby porridge with a variety of flavors. This certainly provides practicality, especially for mothers with a busy schedule. However, what about the nutritional content and safety of commercial instant baby porridge compared to homemade baby porridge? Entering the age of six months, the baby must be introduced to solid food, because breast milk is not enough to meet the nutritional needs of infants. For starters, give your baby solid food that has been crushed until it is pure (puree) or baby porridge. As we get older, Mother can make baby porridge with a thicker and denser texture. Now, instant baby porridge products are available in various variants and textures. The advantages of this product are practical and easy to make, so you can save time. But there is an assumption that instant baby porridge is less healthy because it contains flavor enhancers and preservatives. Is that right? The Pros and Cons of Instant Baby Porridge Both instant